spend, take, pay, cost的区别

(1)spend的主语通常是人,往往用于句型(sb.) spend some money/some time on sth. / (in) doing sth.如:

He spent three days on the work. = He spent three days (in) doing the work.

(2)take常用于“占用、花费”时间,其主语通常为形式主语“it”或物。句式是:It takes / took sb. some time to do sth = Sth. take(s) / took sb. some time. 如:

It took me three years to draw the beautiful horses.

The work took me two days.

(3)pay为“付款、赔偿”之意,主语通常是人,往往是sb. pay some money for sth.或pay sb. (some money for sth)。如:

He has paid the doctor 50 pounds for the medicine.

How much did you pay him?

(4)cost的主语必须是某物。句型是sth. cost (sb.) some money。如:

The dictionary cost me 20.